Making an Impact: CAHEC at Work

July 1, 2022 - June 30, 2023


Each year we look back at the last twelve months with our partners to see how we are positively affecting the communities in which we serve. This report showcases the work we’ve accomplished together and highlights many of the milestones we’ve crossed along the way. Before you dive in, be sure to take some time to learn more about CAHEC as an organization; read a message from our President & CEO, Dana Boole; and meet the CAHEC board members who help guide us in our mission and vision. We hope you find this report informative and impactful.

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2022-2023 Numbers

Capital Under Management: $3,100,000,000

construction types
tenancy types
properties by state
construction types
tenancy types
properties by state

2022-2023 Community Investments

Our mission of offering life-changing opportunities to residents is accomplished through CAHEC and the CAHEC Foundation’s Community Investments. We proudly implement initiatives that will encourage residents to pursue their wellness and educational goals. By offering these opportunities, we go beyond affordable housing to ensure residents have the tools they need to succeed.

Annual:  $414,000

Cumulative: $17,621,782

Grants and Scholarships

Active Lifestyle Grant: 12 grants totaling $167,000  (learn more)
Rex Williams Wellness Grant: 3 grants totaling $22,500 (learn more)
Nutrition Assistance: 100,500 meals totaling $53,000 (learn more)
Post-Secondary Scholarships : 12 scholarships totaling $40,000 (learn more)
Open Doors Homeownership Grant: 3 grants totaling $50,000 (learn more)
Disaster Relief: 4 grants totaling $18,000 (learn more)
Youth Leadership Initiative: 235 scholarships totaling $41,000 (learn more)
New Markets Community Grant: 2 grants totaling $22,500 (learn more)

Resident Spotlight – Meet Lamar ‘Junior’ Collins

2023 CAHEC Partners Conference

CAHEC’s 20th Annual Partners Conference a Huge Success

We were excited to welcome everyone back to our hometown of Raleigh, NC, this year, where we welcomed over 500 attendees from 24 states. On June 6-7, we gathered at the Raleigh Convention Center for an amazing line-up of speakers, sessions, and plenty of networking opportunities.

One of the highlights of the conference was the Tuesday evening welcome reception, where guests gathered at Market Hall for ‘An Evening in Hollywood.’ Attendees walked the red carpet, were photographed by the paparazzi, and enjoyed amazing food in a Hollywood-inspired event space. We were thrilled to see so many attendees embracing the theme with their costumes, we would’ve never thought Wolverine, the Golden Girls, the cast of Grease, among many others, would have made an appearance at our event!

CAHEC would like to thank the 92 sponsors that supported the 2023 CAHEC Partners Conference. With your support, we can continue offering this valuable event at no cost to attendees.

If you missed any part of the conference this year, or want to relive the festivities, please visit our Facebook page to view pictures from the event.


Message from our President & CEO


"Don’t measure a [person] when everything is going well. Measure a team, group, or individual when adversity hits." Jaylen Brown, Boston Celtics, 5/27/23.

Adversity is in the eyes of the beholder. Most of us experience it, try to minimize its impact, and hope it never happens again. Yet reality isn’t always agreeable. While we may find a solution to each hurdle, new ones will surface, and we’re back at it again. As business leaders, we have the innate talent to preempt issues, the resources to identify solutions, and the voice to provoke change. Yet are we effective? Do we reach for easy victories or stretch for game changers?

While CAHEC has faced adversity these last few years - Covid, supply chain, and interest rate disruptions - our talented staff and market acumen, along with the work of creative partners, has allowed us to continue making a material and positive impact. We pushed ourselves in furtherance of our vision - thriving communities with affordable housing and equitable opportunities for all – and it worked (as you’ll read throughout this report)! Our efforts were reflective of teammates whose values – particularly innovation and customer service - were focused on the "greater good" and not simply corporate gain. A keen example was, and continues to be, legislative advocacy (both Federal and state). Our work in securing additional resources to bridge state-wide development gaps was vast and selfless. The impact will resonate for ages.

The coming years will be equally challenging, but not for obvious reasons. Our nation’s mental health crisis has permeated the social landscape. It is impacting our friends/families, workplace, and residents. Whether it’s in the shadows or limelight, individual struggles are gaining momentum. While we can’t singularly solve it, I believe my peers and I must use our voices to raise awareness, identify resources, and hopefully prompt those struggling to say, "I’m going to find help."

CAHEC – not unlike industry peers – faces adversity in an ever changing economic, social, and real estate marketplace. What continues to set us apart is our confidence and capacity in stretching ourselves for the good of all.

We thank our partners who have assisted in furthering our vision. To that end, this report summarizes CAHEC’s accomplishments from July 1, 2022, to June 30, 2023. I hope you find it informative and impactful.


Dana S. Boole
President & CEO


Nathaniel Barber

Chief Executive Officer, South Carolina Community Loan Fund
Charleston, South Carolina

Andrew Bowden

President and Owner, Spectrum Enterprises
South Portland, Maine

Anne Conner

President Public Finance and Community Investment, TowneBank
Williamsburg, Virginia

Keith Nisbet

Senior Vice President, Community Capital Group, TD Bank, N.A.
Boston, Massachusetts

Margaret Penn

Chief Financial Officer, Weaver Cooke Construction
Greensboro, North Carolina

John Rucker

Managing Partner, Stifel
Montgomery, Alabama

Rachel Ryan

General Counsel, Dogwood Health Trust
Asheville, North Carolina

Scott Selig

Associate Vice President of Capital Assets and Real Estate, Duke University
Durham, North Carolina

William Turner

Senior Vice President, Wells Fargo
Richmond, Virginia