Year In Review
Making an Impact: CAHEC at Work / July 1, 2018 – June 30, 2019

Community Investments

Our mission of offering life-changing opportunities to residents is accomplished through CAHEC and the CAHEC Foundation’s Community Investments. We proudly implement initiatives that will encourage residents to pursue their wellness and educational goals. By offering these opportunities, we go beyond affordable housing to ensure residents have the tools they need to succeed.

Annual Community Investments

Rex Williams Wellness Grant
8 Grants Awarded


Food Assistance
7 Donations / 133,400 meals


Active Lifestyle Grant
17 Grants Awarded


22 Scholarships Awarded


Open Doors Homeownership Grant

3 Grants Awarded


Disaster Relief

285 Families Served


Youth Leadership Initiative

2 Donations


New Markets Community Grant

1 Grant Awarded


Cumulative Community Investments